4 Simple ways to take control of your eating habits

Okay! So I am just going to throw this out there. Are you tired of being fat?

Well if your answer is yes, let’s get to work and change that.

Melting fat is not as easy as it sounds and not as hard either. All you have to do is work hard to get there. You cannot find time for excuses; you just have to get there.

Step #1

Make sure to have a very high amount of protein for breakfast each morning. Protein is great for repairing muscle cells and also excellent for burning fat. It burns slower and keep you feeling full for a longer period. Consume a minimum 0f 20g in your meal keeping your calorie count below 500.

Step #2

Increase the size of your lunch. Super- size it!! Your lunch should be the heaviest meal of the day. Why? For most of you with regular work hours, during lunchtime the sun is at it’s highest peak that is when your body tends to burn the most energy. Mix plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, leans meats, and beans into your cooler.

Step #3

Do not be afraid to have a cheat snack or two. Snacking helps to curve your hunger and reduce your chance of making huge mistakes by overeating. One of my favorite snacks beside Oreos is frozen strawberries covered in chocolate. Dark chocolate is best. However, let’s be real, I still love milk chocolate. Do you? Note: watch your portions.

Step #4

Have a salad or homemade soup for dinner. Your body tends to burn less energy in the night-time so your meals must be light and very dense in calories and high nutrients. Our bodies are designed to follow the earth’s course of both the sun and moon. As the moon rises, the sun goes down, and the most of the world goes to sleep. Your body will not be able to break down heavy foods as you sleep, so this is why your dinner must be light.