Fitness is All About Life

Fitness has nothing to do with how you look or much weights you can lift. It has nothing to do with how good you look in your jeans or how your sweat drips off of your skin like diamonds. It has nothing to do with how many miles you can run or how high you can jump.

Fitness is not about who has the tightest butt or the biggest chest. It is not about how much weight you lost or how much weight you gained. There should be no limit on who can get involved and who cannot. I am a real advocate of LIFE and fitness is all about LIFE.

It is how you live, how you breathe, how you walk & talk; the way you treat others. The respect you have for this earth, the power you provide to those who are down, the energy you use to pick up another, it is about LIFE. It is about the children who see you as a hero. I repeat, Fitness has nothing to do with how you dress, or how much money you make.

I do not care how tall you are how much weight you can squat. All I care about is LIFE.  When I was young my dad never took me to the park to play, or teach me how to fight, or show me the secrets to getting a girl; he never took the time to show me how to build a wall or how to say no to drugs. He never taught me how to be a man and how to get up when I fall. Though my father never did those things, I still learned from him. I learned how to be fit for my children through his lack.

I learned how to be fit through LIFE's experiences. Fitness is all about LIFE. It is not pointing fingers on those who did not it is more about pointing the finger on those who did. We should all learn from our experiences and build nothing but love for those whom we see and those whom we don’t.  Hate cannot defeat hate; only love can do that; death cannot overcome death only LIFE can do that.

Fitness is all around you….all you have to do is look, pay attention, open your eyes, take a breath and enjoy Gods gift….which is LIFE. Stay healthy and never allow life to break you down. You are worth more than you know. One love.