The best chair workouts program in the world.

Donovan Green, TV personality and celebrity fitness trainer releases his new Chair workouts website. Donovan Green founded Chair Workouts and received much praise from consumers and national media alike; it was only fitting to match his Chair Workouts program and allow individuals everywhere to use it by releasing this one of a kind membership website that is helping thousands of people all around the world.

Chair Workouts is available now to everyone.

Donovan Green is a motivational speaker, health and wellness expert, and author of No Excuses Fitness. His A-list clientele includes celebrities, politicians to physicians and top specialists in the industry including Dr. Mehmet Oz. Donovan Green created Chair Workouts for individuals at any level and ability to reach their fitness goals from only using a chair.

Chair Workouts is developed to offer people the capacity to tailor their fitness workouts in the convenience of their home, office, training at their fitness center or the outdoors. The Chair Workouts website is an innovative and interactive platform led by Donovan Green that allows the individual to take their fitness anywhere and everywhere.

It is aimed to give people a new and better way to improve their health, fitness, and well-being by using a chair. The Chair Workouts features fun exercises, nutritional tips, recipes and more to suit your overall needs.

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