Anyone who wants to gain more energy, strengthen their mind and body, and generally start feeling and looking better.

You will not get 1-1 training. This program is designed to deliver daily workout videos to follow wherever you want to exercise. This program is designed for personal involvement.

Yes, there will be a specific forum for you to access once you join to post your questions and comments. Donovan and team will respond back on the forum.

Each person is different and everyone's results will not be the same. Everyone will get the results of the effort they put in. The best way to achieve the best results that you can is to show up each day giving it your 100% for that day. You might have bad days and that's ok, but get back on the train immediately! We are here to be your support team.

There will be no specific meal plans due to the sensitive nature of allergies. However, we will provide some basic recipes that each person can tailor to fit their specific needs.

All you need is 20 minutes or less! Everyone can carve out 20 minutes each day to complete these fun, challenging and results driven workouts. With Donovan's energy and support throughout each workout, you are bound to feel the motivation to achieve greatness. You can do this. We are here to help you.

You will receive a login once you join which allows you to set up your profile on chairworkouts. Once you login you will have immediate access to everything. Each time you login going forward you will be directed to your “Today” view in your profile dashboard where you will see your calendar and also your workout for the day with a Video.

This program is designed for every level of fitness. From beginner to advanced, you can push yourself with as hard as you can for 20 minutes or less! If you are just beginning you can go at the pace that is best for you and as you become stronger you will continue to push harder.

No. Think of this program like Hulu+ or Netflix. You get unlimited streaming access. We might choose to email you downloadable content as a gift. However the majority of the content are NOT downloadable.

No! This program is based on a yearly or monthly payment plan, which are free of contracts. You will not be locked in to anything you no longer wish to be part of.

Of course! Many of our clients have serious time restraints; whether from the kids or from a busy job or they just have lots of hobbies. In fact, you can tailor a workout that can be done within your lunch break. You have the power exercise wherever, and whenever you like.

A large cup of coffee is great, but natural energy levels are even better. You can increase your natural energy levels with our short burst workouts. We’ll help you so you can keep up with the kids and stay more focused at work.

On the contrary this program is designed more for the beginner than it is for the athlete. So sit back, relax, and let’s get fit together.

There are so many people who suffer with health issues. Yet, this program works wonders for them. My advice is to show your doctor what you are doing so you and him/ her can make a decision that makes sense.

It would be just about impossible for you not to lose weight if you follow our program suggestions.

Don’t worry, ladies. Your body will look amazing and you won’t get big guns like the guys.

You can use any chair you wish to use as long as it is sturdy and it won’t send you flying across the room. Try to use a chair that has no wheels or handles. You must also avoid working out on slippery surfaces.

Can’t find an answer to your question here? Feel free to contact us immediately at 424-272-0913. We look forward to hearing from you!