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No Excuses Fitness

The 30-Day Plan to Tone Your Body and Supercharge Your Health

Donovan Green proves that motivation and inspiration improves his clients’ lives inside and outside of the gym. Donovan’s own life story is the greatest example of how being motivated and driven makes what once seemed impossible a reality.

– Joe Scarborough, NBC News Senior Political Analyst and host, Morning Joe

Dr. Oz’s personal trainer, Donovan Green, delivers a 30-day fitness program focusing on exercise, diet, and attitude, forged from his experience training thousands of clients ranging from celebrities to regular folks.

Between his positive, can-do spirit and practical, brass tacks strategies for getting in shape, it’s no wonder that Donovan Green has reached 3.7 million daily viewers via his unique No Excuses platform on With No Excuses Fitness, Green delivers a comprehensive month-long plan designed to help readers lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Filled with healthy recipes, workouts that can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment, and daily tips for staying focused (especially through plateaus), and featuring a foreword by Dr. Oz’s wife Lisa, No Excuses Fitness will inspire and guide anyone interested in losing weight and gaining optimal health.

Reviews from Amazon

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving

“An interesting and motivational read that separates fact from fiction. A book that clearly comes from the heart from someone passionate and professional and has clearly done his research. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in improving their health, both those inexperienced as well as experienced, a great read!!”

by Edward B.


“This fitness book is flat out amazing!!!!! I have lost 11 pounds in 29 days following this 30 day program! From the way I eat….work out… and my everyday thinking! I wish I can give it 10 stars!! If your looking to get in shape….purchase this fitness book!”

by Kyle Harris

He makes it easy and very attainable

“This is an incredible book. A realistic guide to change your lifestyle. Donovan proves there is no excuses when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. He makes it easy and very attainable!”

by Finian St. Omer

Billie Valligee Just had a go at this. The last exercise, made me realize how much I need to do this more than just today. Have a bad back and sciatica for over 2 yrs and my leg goes numb, but not one to give up. Thank you Donovan. I love you!