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Before we begin doing any physical exercise, we must get some clarity on YOU.
To truly enhance your life and improve your health you must be willing to adjust your mindset and make some very significant shifts that will propel you further than you could ever imagine.

The way you look, what you ate, what you say, and even the way you dress will be the reflection of the way you think. Whatever you love, whatever you hate, whatever you are afraid of- it will be addressed in this program repeatedly until you get a grip on your LIFE because it will show up again and again in your daily existence.

I am going to show you unique ways to finally kick negative thoughts to the curb and encourage much better ideas that will make you happy again. But none of this can happen until you take action, commit, follow through, and stay TRUE to yourself.

Everything you need is now at your fingertips. We make it easy for you to succeed turning your excuses into progress and your goals into achievements! We are continually working to update My Green Living to help you achieve your goals.

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This is not like when a person joins a gym for the first time, and they just let them go without showing how to use each machine. That is not a good experience, and I do not want you ever to experience that with MGL....Most of the gym models are built on ego, numbers not results, self-satisfaction, and it's total crap, so I won't pretend it's not. (not all gyms, but most)

We are going to make sure that you are satisfied from the very beginning because success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you made an effort to become the best you ever.

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I have clients who still eat animal protein, and some have no plans on becoming Vegan. But the good news is they learned how to cut down on the high consumption of meat and started implementing more plants into their diets. Even better news is some of them are seriously considering going entirely plant-based.

That's a long way from eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. Steak roast for lunch, and pigs tail for dinner. The MGL lifestyle isn't based on an all or nothing mindset.

As long as you’re making forward progress, you don’t have to be “perfect” and follow all of my guidelines. You can still see improvements as you take steps to clean up your diet, improve your quality of life, get stronger, burn fat, and just feel darn good about yourself. You will be amazed at how you look and feel once you start increasing the amounts of whole plant foods overall.

While you don't have to eliminate all animal products from your diet, there some compelling and scary evidence that will make you significantly reduce your meat intake.

Some examples would be:
Meat is acid forming in the body and very hard to digest. It can take up to 72 hours for digestion.
It causes your skin to break out frequently.

Watch this video to learn why I became Vegan.
You can also CLICK here to download your 30-day quick fix challenge